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We have a wide range of fresh meats including chicken, beef, duck and lamb.

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about us

The Kosher Deli Story

Kosher Deli was established with the intention of making Kosher meat affordable to the public with the convenience of late opening hours without compromising on quality.

  • 6 Locations
  • Clean Packaging
  • Quality Kashrut
Kosher Deli is now the largest Kosher butcher and delicatessen in the UK


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Glatt Kosher

Quality In Kashrut

Kosher Deli prides itself on having the highest level of Kashrut. We are licensed by the London Board of Shechita as well as the United Synagogue (KLBD) and Sefardi Kashrut Authority (SKA). All our beef is Chalak Bet Yosef and under the supervision of our esteemed Rav Hamachshir – Rabbi Nochum Berger Shlit”a


What our clients say

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Rudi Laskowicz

Lovely place to get your kosher meat. Very friendly service and reasonable prices. I really love the fresh salads they have. Highly recommended.


Very friendly service staff and the food is affordable and delicious, which means a lot when considering the fact that it's kosher

David Bendahan

Meat is always fresh, high quality and good value. Service is brisk with a smile. Like to shop there at night when it is easy to park.

Mike Po

You'll find a very good selection of meats, fish and vegetable dishes here.

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