Kosher Deli prides itself on having the highest level of Kashrut. We are licensed by the London Board of Shechita as well as the United Synagogue (KLBD) and Sefardi Kashrut Authority (SKA). All our beef is under the supervision of our esteemed Rav Hamachshir – Rabbi Nochum Berger Shlit”a, we have always worked on increasing our kashrut levels towards the highest standard of Mehadrin. Please see below for a full letter elucidating the stringent measures that are followed at our Botei Shechita. Below are a few of the many Hiddurim which Rabbi Berger Shlit”a has implemented
  1. All chickens are purchased from farms that guarantee non vaccinated chickens.
  2. Small batches of chickens from various sheds and farms are taken a week before they are to be shechted and checked for treifos. We will only order chickens from those that have low treif rates.
  3. A Dedicated Boidek Sakinim. Checks are done every 6-8 minutes with the chalet wet and dry.
  4. If there’s any chashash at all after shechita that the chalef was not perfect, even though halachicly it is acceptable, these chickens are separated in a unique way, and are not sold as
    mehadrin. (To the best of our knowledge we are presently the only Shechita in Europe who does this).
  5. The following Bedikos are done on every chicken
    • Tzomes hagidim
    • Reios (lungs)
    • Meayim (lntestienes)
    • Dam B’eiyn (visual blood spots)
  1. All beef is of the highest standards.
  2. The shechita team consists of yerei shomayim of the highest calibre.
  3. No rodding is allowed. Rodding is a process which can interfere with the Bedikos of the lungs.
  4. Chalofim checked between every animal.
  5. No post stunning or electrical shocks done at any point during the process.
  6. Bdikas Pnim whilst the carcass is stationary.

All mehadrin products are labelled with a hologram to guarantee its kashrus status as mehadrin.

Read the endorsement letter from our esteemed Rav Hamachshir – Rabbi Nochum Berger here
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